А. Лемесев – Срок раскаяния. Музыка к несуществующему фильму

by A. Lemesev

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The 1970's in the USSR was the Era of Stagnation. But it's not about the culture. Many films, musical albums and pieces of art were created in those times. Movies by Tarkovsky, Shepitko and Panfilov were critically acclaimed all other the world.
But the discourse of Communist party constantly interfered into creative process. Not every creator could follow his or her own way and avoid conjuncture.
An imaginary director Victor Savin is not amongst the best soviet cultural workers. Let's say that he was born in a city on Volga river, in the 1960's he graduated from Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography and then he worked on a local TV studio. Once he gathered support from affluent people and decided to shoot a provocative movie about a thief.
This project was called "Term of repentance". Its peculiarity was in its plot. The film was not going to show a gangster in a comedy style; and this film was not a story about reformation and punishment. "Term of repentance" was the story of a thief Alexei who is only doubting in his life way.
After three months of shooting in 1971 the project was banned without any explanations.
Victor Savin was supposed to work as a stage-manager on a local film studio. He never shooted movies anymore.

Website: staryiznakomyi.tilda.ws/srok_raskayaniya
Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsiyeD343Fo&t=15s


released January 8, 2017

Music by A. Lemesev
Art and video by Anastasia Shishkanova
The fragments of "Без права на пощаду" movie are used in the video.



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Track Name: A. Lemesev - Сцена 3. Сидя перед дорогой
Scene 3
Before a journey
An old flat. Alexei prepares to take a train to another city.