дору белу – карие глаза встречают ясность в бюро. быть может, ей не стоило здесь находиться так долго

by дору белу

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Byuro presents a new album by Togliatti artist doru belu called «brown eyes meet clarity at the bureau. perhaps she wasn't supposed to stay here for so long».
All tracks are assembled in a single sound flow directed by gentle whispers, distant melodies and noises.
It’s better to listen to LP at one go – this is the way to get the message of it.

Video by Anastasia Shishkanova: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Fw-9KYawZw&t=14s

i don’t remember how long have we been here. 3 days or maybe a couple of weeks. when your companion slowly loses mind you stop to follow your own thoughts. that’s the way it is.
recently he threatened me to transform into a giant who will rise like ancient atlantes over the dust and people who are strangers for our searches. he only needs to pull out a crystal from the moon and crush it. then i said that the moon is high in the skies. in our case we needed a flying ship. but he refused to listen.
sometimes i feel afraid for him. or being with him. since the day we visited a hydroelectric station his skin started to slough off.
it's pretty nice here. but i'm not sure why. maybe it’s because cruelty of daily life passed by this place. if it’s so we are really lucky. and the last thing i want to see a human’s face.
here i found a dozen of vinyl and cassettes. some records were pretty stupid, especially those which were made before 2004. these records are more about pictures but not music. like this beauty young lady with brown eyes. who is she without her appearance, without her lovely face? her music is boring and something makes me want to crush her eye pits.


released July 21, 2017

Music by doru belu
Video by Anastasia Shishkanova



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