Артём Крикунов – Музыка к "Повестям о взрослении" А. Лемесева

by Артём Крикунов

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"Novels about Growing-Up"

The Novels from this book tell one story. In "Knight and Time" a group of school mates faces typical teenagers' problems: fear of future, problems of self-determination and boredom.
The novel's characters get rid of old illusions to become the prisoners of the new ones. "Final Ceremony" continues the story of boys from "Knight and Time". Old friends are getting older. They are finishing the university and getting prepared for adult life.
Artiom Krikunov is a jazz musician from Saint-Petersburg. He showed his impressions of these novels in two tracks.

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released October 3, 2016

Text (in Russian): Anton Lemesev
Music: Artiom Krikunov
Cover art: Alexandra Baranovskaya
Design of cover: Anastasiya Shishkanova



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